East Arrow

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East Arrow

Need help to renovate your home? You came to the right place!

East Arrow is a full-service residential interior designer committed to provide quality service that you deserve. We offer a range of services to different parts of your home, such as the living and dining room, kitchen, and bedroom. Located in San Francisco, our approach makes it easy to achieve the interiors you’ve always wanted.

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Why Choose Us

Imagine coming home to a stylish and organised space. From the furniture placements to the colour theme, who wouldn’t feel relaxed? East Arrow wants you to achieve the interior of your dreams. We’re by your side in every step of the renovation process.

Our team of professional designers works only with the leading contractors and suppliers in the state. Using our creative expertise, we give you designs that won’t hurt your budget. All you need is to tell us what specific elements and materials you want to add for the renovation. We don’t compromise the quality of our work. We want to bring your home to life through our designs.

Renovation isn’t all about modernising your home; it’s about giving it a personality. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a consultation today.